Sean Koping - Imminent Domain

Sean Koping - Imminent Domain

Sean Koping - Imminent Domain

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  • Título Del Ebooks: Imminent Domain
  • Los autores: Sean Koping
  • Editor: Fastpencil
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 03.04.2019
  • Género: Filología
  • ISBN: 9781619335370
  • El Tamaño De Archivo: 6.70MB
  • Idioma: Español
  • Formato de Ebooks : PDF, EPUB

Imminent Domain por Sean Koping

2021. The Advanced Covert Engagements Section (A.C.E.S.) is officially created to be a clandestine N.A.T.O. strike-force tasked with the elimination of potential and confirmed terrorist threats world-wide. Un-officially, the A.C.E.S. taskforce is the result of and latest successor to the USAFs Project Blue-Book. Old conspiracies are slowly replaced by unsettling truths and the body-count rises as a new A.C.E.S. recruit becomes one of the few human beings on the planet to uncover mankinds greatest secret... HIC SUNT MONSTRA... here there be monsters!



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